Green Industrial Applications 


Micro/Nano Bubbles 

Smaller bubbles allow for: 

-Better gas-water mixture 

-Increased contact area with bacteria 

*Example: A bubble with a diameter of 2mm can be divided into one trillion (1012) bubbles with a diameter of 0.2 microns. Contact area will increase from 12.56mm2to 125,600mm2, a 10,000x increase. 

Ozone-Infused Micro/Nano Bubbles 

Comparison of ozone depletion rate between 2 types of water (measured by ORP meter

Ozone-Infused Micro/Nano Bubbles 


Micro/Nano Bubble Applications 

O2 and O3 bubbles – for homes, hotels, restaurants, spas, farms, garden, pools & ponds

•  Cleansing effect: skin pores are 20-50 μm large, Micro Bubbles are 0.2 μm and can deep clean skin pores. 

•  Anion creation: Micro Bubbles create over 1.2 million anions per cc. Breathing in anions helps relax the body. 

The Whitewater Company Nano/Micro Bubble System in Taiwan Spring City Resort, Taipei 

Air Micro Bubbles – Birds Nest Washing in South East Asia

• Temperature control system: Maintains a constant pre-set  temperature to avoid damaging food 

•  Washes cup-shaped birds nest and shredded birds nest 

•  Multiple filtration system removes large and small impurities 

•  Also washes medicinal herbs, snow fungus, etc.

O3 Micro Bubbles – Turtle Shell Washing 

• Quick bleaching and removal of foul odor 

• 800L Micro Bubble tank. Shells are placed in a rotating barrel that ensures total cleaning and drip-dries the shells 

• 5 g/hr ozone generation 

O3 Micro Bubbles – Agricultural Washing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

• Moveable 03 Micro Bubble spray unit used to remove pesticides.

CO2 Micro Bubbles – Agricultural Irrigation, Miaoli Agricultural Research Station

•     CO2 dissolved into water through Micro Bubbles which creates carbonic acid 

•     By measuring the pH we can observe the change in CO2 density. 

pH curve for a 750L tank of water after 50 minutes of use

CO2 Micro Bubbles – Agricultural Irrigation, Miaoli Agricultural Research Station 


•  Daily from 9:00 to 4:00 CO2 water was sprayed for 5 minutes. Before spraying, the Micro Bubble system was first operated for 25 minutes to increase the CO2 density 


•  Plants showed strong growth because of this.

CO2 Micro Bubbles – Seaweed growth, ITRI Green Energy and Environmental Research Laboratories 


•  Two economic benefits of raising seaweed: (1) creation of biodiesel (2) creation of health foods. 

•  Seaweed are very small and are first incubated in a tank infused with CO2 before being moved outside to grow. 

O2 Micro Bubbles – Biotank applications, food processing 


  • The biotank mycelium requires large amounts of air to maintain the oxygen level in water. The tank is half-filled with air every minute. 

  • Micro Bubbles increase the amount of air dissolved into the water and is a new way to raise beneficial bacteria. 

O2 and O3 Micro Bubbles – Sea bass farming in Pingdong, Taiwan 


  • Sea bass are a high-value fish and their constant growth affects company profits 

  • Using Micro Bubbles and pure oxygen we were able to control the amount of oxygen in the water and it’s oxidization rate, creating a strong growth environment for the fish 

O2 Micro Bubbles – “Fish Papa” Fishery System 



  • “Fish Papa”  raises high-value fish


  • Micro/Nano Bubbles were used to improve the low oxygen concentrations in the water. Micro Bubbles increased dissolved oxygen levels to a steady 6 ppm. 

  • With the addition of pure oxygen, dissolved oxygen levels increased to over 7 pmm

World’s Largest Micro Bubble Screen – Taichung, Taiwan 

The Whitewater Company system was used to turn a 150,000L pond of water white for Taiwan's centennial celebration. 


Introducing Eco-SIP

A renewable food safety solution applicable from farm, to factory to fork. 

Integrated Solutions

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